5 Best UK Universities with Highest Rankings in 2016-2017 Academic Years

5 Best UK Universities with Highest Rankings in 2016-2017 Academic Years

If you wish to study in the university of the United Kingdom, you should explore the highest university rankings of the last two years. In 2016-2017, University of Oxford used to overcome the University of Cambridge, its direct competitor.

Once you decide on your major, it is time to conduct in-depth research on the top university rankings to choose the best educational institution for your professional realization. Out of all higher educational institutions, the university is the most prestigious place.

Each university was rewarded with its rankings based on the following factors:

  • Quality of teaching services
  • Quantity of students
  • Research opportunities
  • Access to library
  • Variety of subjects to study
  • Correspondence to the academic standards
  • Famous graduates/alumni
  • IELTS Academic Test
  • The number of international students
  • Campus availability and size

According to the global table of university rankings, all of the top institutions from the UK are on the list of the world’s universities with the highest rankings. Institutions from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland took part in the research on the highest university rankings. It looks like University of Cambridge was number one last year, but the situation has changed during 2016-2017. We have to warn you that the acceptance rates of each university in London are rather a law, so students have to dedicate enough to developing an excellent application essay. You can search for the winning essay examples on the web.

For the potential graduates from Scotland, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow are top solutions. Cardiff University demonstrates the highest rankings among schools in Wales. Finally, Northern Ireland is proud for the rankings of its Queen’s University Belfast.

According to the UK university league table, we have selected the best schools every student should consider. Read this short guide to the UK schools with the highest rankings globally.

#1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is well-known globally. Students from all over the world wish to join this university with the highest rankings in the UK to be able to live in London and gain other advantages.

The university admissions are rather challenging: 18,000 undergraduates for just 3,200 places and 24,000 post-graduates for 5,200 places. The University of Oxford has many honors programs to choose from. They usually consist of 2 academic subjects.

Everyone agrees that the university rankings are that high thanks to its exclusive program which combines philosophy, politics, and economics. There is a special university building for the local and international students who live on the territory of Oxford University.

Except for the educational process, students of this university can enjoy different interest clubs, study international cultures, and spend time on sports activities. The centralized faculty of the University is responsible for teaching postgraduates while undergraduates may enjoy exclusive academic services from the country’s best professors.

The access to 100+ university libraries makes it possible to conduct in-depth academic research on any subject in the world. There are many other sights that helped Oxford University gain its high rankings.

Among the world’s famous graduates, the university team can name Hugh Grant and Indira Gandhi. 95% of Oxford University students are successfully employed according to the latest UK job statistics.

#2. University of Cambridge

Another world’s prestigious university is located in London. Well, almost. You have to drive an hour to get there. The University of Cambridge is a direct competitor of Oxford. The rankings of both are rather high.

18,000 + students study here. 9,000 professors teach at the University of Cambridge. There are more than one hundred academic departments.

The University of Cambridge has high rankings thanks to the great research opportunities and premium quality of teaching such subjects as math and history. 92 of the university graduates won Nobel prizes in this academic field.

It is hard to become a student of any top-ranked university from the table league, and The University of Cambridge is not an exception. The acceptance rate is less than 25%. Local staff agrees that school grades matter as well as well-crafted admissions essay.

The terms in The University of Cambridge are shorter than in many other local and global universities so that students will save a plenty of time for other activities.

Students of the University enjoy the ability to conduct researches with the help of such valuable resources as archaeological artifacts and zoological specimens. The rankings are proved by the number of world-recognized names among the university’s graduates: from the actors to international sportsmen.

#3. Imperial College London

Those who dream to study and live in London agree that Imperial College London is the best UK university. In addition to high academic standards, students can always have a walk on the picturesque streets of London.

The university has its high rankings because of the top-quality services such as teaching science, IT, medicine, and business. In other words, here you can study the most important subjects of today.

Three colleges got together to form Imperial College London back in 1907. The presence of students from 125 countries makes Imperial College of London an international university.

During the last year, many potential scientists, technicians, nurses, and businessmen have graduated from the Imperial College London. Moreover, the university often releases such professionals as the government advisers and policymakers.

The access to amazing research possibilities allows local students to come up with the amazing innovations, basically in the field of science and technology.

#4. University College London

It’s another chance to live and study in London. University College London (UCL) has a great base of international students. The university has always been ranked high in the league table due to its fight for the equal rights for everyone.

The most recommended academic degrees are related to such subjects as philosophy, political science, and economics. There are 30 applicants for every place in the university.

Searching for the ways to spend your holidays on campus? Spend your time wisely after reading some useful academic tips from university students.

#5. London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE specializes in law, economics, history, philosophy, and political science. The alumni of London School of Economics and Political Science usually solve the most critical British and global economic problems by conducting original researches and finding innovative business approaches. Nelson Mandela and George Soros can be the examples of famous graduates of the fifth best university in the UK.

There are times when the university acceptance rates are too low, and the competition among potential students is too high. If you want to enter Cambridge or Oxford University this year, you can either read a guide and try to write an admissions essay by yourself or buy a ready solution from the experienced academic writers from the top universities in the United Kingdom!