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We have a range of services we can offer, for students of different academic levels (high school, undergraduate, or even graduate education). We can help international students by proofreading an essay they wrote in a second language. We can help you with writing a book report if you haven’t been able to finish the novel in question, or didn’t understand it. We can draft a personal admission essay, a research proposal, or an annotated bibliography for a literature review. Because of our personal approach to each client, no matter what it is, we can take on the writing task - and excel at it.

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  • The writer dives into the project, performing research on the subject of your paper to complement their existing knowledge. They will study all the relevant background material so they have a good understanding of the area.
  • The writer outlines a plan for the research paper or fine-tunes yours.
  • Draft writing begins; milestones can be set for larger research papers so that progress checks can be made. All research papers are delivered by the set deadlines.
  • When the draft paper is written, you will receive it to look over. At this point, you can identify any areas you would like to see changed or improved, and request that the writer revise them. Our staff members are very cooperative and keen to build long-term relationships, so they will be happy to accept your feedback on their writing. There is no limit to the revisions you can request to your paper.
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