Top 10 Mistakes in Research Paper Writing

Top 10 Mistakes in Research Paper Writing
Table of Contents
  1. Top 10 Mistakes in Research Paper Writing
  2. Preparatory work plan
  3. Small tips from Mark Twain
  4. 10 typical errors in research paper writing
  5. Research paper defense - speech text

A research paper is an assignment inextricably linked to scientific study and bold attempts to expand existing and gain new useful attainments, review the strength of scientific theories, generalizations, and logic.

The research assignment is an independent student's work which allows them to demonstrate their ability to use pieces of knowledge to solve specific issues. Research paper writing must have a logic structure, thoughts should be presented flawlessly and organically. 

A student has no right to make mistakes in the terminology, it inevitably ought to be used correctly. Without any doubt, this paper is several times easier than real scientists’ works. But, in any way possible, this is a real study, and a learner should treat this task with scrupulousness and consciousness.

This is a possibility to conduct an independent study and use a scientific approach to obtain the result, apply practical skills or acquire new ones to solve the set tasks, show skills in planning their research paper writing and analyzing the results obtained.

The method when a student and a teacher pose questions to themselves that the discoverers of laws in various sciences put together and jointly look for answers - attracts students more and creates a desire to continue to engage in scientific activities.

Preparatory work plan

Scientific research includes a range of different works. These works should be presented in a certain sequence, which is possible only if there is a well-thought-out plan. The basics of such a plan are laid down gradually in the process of developing a research program per the guidelines set out in the previous sections of the manual. However, such a plan will be incomplete, since it will not include the preparatory work that is always necessary.

Even the best plan will remain on paper if not prepared for its implementation. The preparatory research paper writing plan is one of the main components of the overall research for the topic. The plan should be carried out first; a detailed outline for its implementation can be made only after a detailed outline for main research goals is defined and prepared. Therefore, the outline of the preparatory research paper writing plan is the last to make and the first to perform.

Small tips from Mark Twain

For the successful accomplishment of the research assignment, you can apply to the principles of writing creativity from Mark Twain’s "Literary Sins of Fenimore Cooper" article:

“The author must:

  • say what he wants to say, not limited to vague hints,
  • find the right word, not his second cousin,
  • avoid excessive accumulation of facts,
  • do not omit important details,
  • avoid longs,
  • make no grammatical mistakes,
  • write in simple and understandable language.”

10 typical errors in research paper writing

  1. The volume of the introduction is too large.
  2. The lack of a clear problem statement, the relevance of the research.
  3. Incorrect formulation of the goal and objectives of the study, inconsistency between the purpose of the research and the topic; inconsistency between the items in the plan and the objectives of the study.
  4. The content of the paper is like writing an essay - copying texts from scientific works, without their analysis and often without appropriate footnotes; the chapter is a “Dictionary” of terms and concepts or classification without logical beginning and end; or has the character of a school essay on a given topic, not a study.
  5. There are formal phrases or formal conclusions not related to the main part of the research.
  6. A brief listing of conclusions, without appropriate explanation.
  7. The number of outputs usually corresponds to the number of tasks, but this is not absolutely necessary.
  8. The conclusions should not include well-known facts from textbooks, references to the methods, features of the studied groups, discussion of the results, own considerations, and recommendations. It is not possible to formulate global conclusions based on single experiments.
  9. Each conclusion is usually one fairly short phrase that quotes specific results, formal phrases, or formal conclusions that are not related to the main part of the research.
  10. There is an enumeration of conclusions without appropriate explanations.

Research paper defense - speech text

Defense of research papers is carried out at thematic conferences. Usually, 10 minutes are given for a speech. It is recommended to pronounce it to the audience, not to yourself. Such an algorithm helps structure the text and understand what has been not covered yet.

The text of the speech should not cover all the details. For 10 minutes you will never be able to tell everything. It is necessary to present the main results and arguments. Everything you say should be explained but do not touch upon things that everyone already knows! Be prepared to answer the questions of the expert jury and other conference participants. For professional help, you can always count on us!