Spend the Entire Simmer Holidays on Campus

Spend the Entire Simmer Holidays on Campus

All the classes have come to an end and the exams are finally over, meaning that the entire University campus is going to be completely empty for at least two months in a row. Many students come to a same conclusion, which is to stay and spend the whole summer holidays on campus. There are several advantages to this choice, not least of them is an opportunity to earn an extra money while working during summer and find effective ways to save money when deciding not to buy expensive plane tickets to visit your friends and relatives back home. You might find yourself in a situation when only a small handful of your fellows is going to stick around with you, planning to do the same thing you are, but there are still very many incredible, funny and entertaining ways to spend quality time with them during your summer holidays, while earning extra money.

Create your own transcription

Even though the list of classes that are offered to students during summertime does not even closely resembles the one that is offered during the semester, there are almost for sure going to be classes that you need to attend in order to be prepared for the upcoming semester. There are several differences between typical classes and summer ones, because in summer classes are not usually as tightly packed with students as during the semester, meaning that you can get much more one-on-one time with your professor than you would usually be entitled to. Since you probably tried to avoid your professor’s attention at all cost earlier, these summer classes can finally give you an opportunity to get in touch with your professor closely and maybe even become friends. This one on one time is so precious because you not only have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, but also to build a mutual and beneficial relationship with your professor that you will greatly benefit from later on. Another thing to “use” your relationship with the professor is for references, because almost any decent employer is going to ask you for a letter of recommendation and your professor is more than capable to provide you this letter. This relationship with your professor started early in summer may lead you to a valuable letter of recommendation later on when you need it.

Design your Resume

Getting yourself into activities that will enrich your CV is always a good idea and squeezing this into your summer plans may be easier than you think.

Volunteer activity:

Even though being employed as a volunteer during summertime on the campus is not always possible, you can rest assured that your local community is going to need volunteers like you for different activities throughout the year. In your search for an activity that will enrich your resume you could try and attend to some local facilities, like: animal shelter, bakery, supermarket or a library.

Discover yourself an interesting hobby:

While being in United States as an international student, you are going to be amazed with diverse hobbies that are offered left and right, unlike in your home country. Get engaged in as many of them as possible, because those are going to be memories of your life and things that you might not be able to try anywhere else.

Earn an internship:

there is no better way to get new experience in the industry that you pursue on a daily bases other than applying for the appropriate internship. Furthermore, doing so may save you time in the future because your studying program might require this and your will be finished with it before any of your classmates have even started. First of all you need to discover your eligibility to get involved into OPT or CPT, and from that point - go ahead and search for an appropriate internship for yourself.

Build up your savings account

Work while staying on campus: Being employed on your own campus doesn’t necessarily preclude that you need an approval from USCIS, meaning that there is a cash flow opportunity for you for the summer. All you need to do is to go ahead and get in touch with your international student office for approval (if necessary). Don’t forget to get as much details from them as possible on how to get employed on-campus this summer.

Create your personal list of experiences

Summertime gives you an unbelievable opportunity to explore this world in the way you have never dreamed of during the semester. Find like-minded fellows and form a group to hit the road together or even catch a flight.

Create your personal on-campus knowledge background

In case you find your university campus to be similar to what you have previously seen, it should be a very historic building, meaning that I has magnificent gardens, free resources and absolutely amazing artwork all around. During your previous semesters, you might have been too busy in order to catch a break and notice all these beauty that your own campus has to offer. Summer is a very good time to go around and explore all the magnificence and beauty of the surroundings. Furthermore, if you find yourself as a knowledgebase of your campus, you should definitely apply for a tour guide position. If you do so, you are going to have a whole bunch of students that are happy to listen to your Lectures about the campus in order to decide for themselves if they want to attend it or not. Ask your local international student office for an opportunity to become a guide.