Enhancement of Efficiency While Studying: Tips and Tricks

Enhancement of Efficiency While Studying: Tips and Tricks
Table of Contents
  1. Enhancement of Efficiency While Studying: Tips and Tricks
  2. How to plan your research paper?
  3. Top 5 efficiency tips
  4. 1. Time management
  5. 2. Music relax
  6. 3. No social media
  7. 4. Morning routine
  8. 5. No reward, no results
  9. Conclusion

Writing a research paper is a pretty time-consuming assignment in any educational institution. It is necessary to show knowledge of its composure and to conduct proper research. Students or researchers should be aware of how to make their article look decent. But the most important aspect is how to write it effectively. Usually, this task becomes the worst nightmare before students’ graduation. 

How to plan your research paper?

So, what is a research paper that students are scared of? A research paper is an academic piece of writing based on the original research on a particular topic. Along with a theoretical part, there should be a place for the analysis of the research findings. Based on the complexity of the task, it is necessary to put effort into making a pre-planning. Have you ever surfed the Internet instead of writing an essay? If yes, then learn how to avoid the smallest distractions.

In general, students are not well aware of intelligent planning. They prefer to do the things they like first instead of doing stuff they need to do. For example, a simple outing can make them feel less stressed before doing homework. But the reverse side of a coin is that a person can choose to go out over doing a necessary task. Then this misbehavior will lead to a bad grade and plenty of drama. 

Once you decided to pluck up the courage and write a research paper, make sure you are not going to step back. Some students choose the path of least resistance. If they struggle with accomplishing the writing assignment, they turn to online services. Yet, if you want to do it on your own, you should learn how to boost your productivity and efficiency. Thus, the next life hacks will come in handy.

Top 5 efficiency tips 


1. Time management

Every person may have come across the books about the science of time management. However, are they helpful in boosting efficiency? These books hide no secret of managing time but tell different ways of dividing your work into parts.

If you write a 100-page dissertation, set a deadline. For instance, one month to finish it. Divide 30 days into sections. 10-10-10, or 10 days on theory, 10 days on analysis, 10 days on conclusion. Thus, every 10 days should be again divided into hours sets. 

Today, you will spend 5 hours studying. Each hour you will have a small break just to reset your mind. As a rule of thumb, if a student follows these rules, it results in self-discipline. But at first, it may seem boring and unusual. Break your studying time into manageable parts and prepare a timetable. 

2. Music relax

Everyone knows that melodic sounds can relieve pain, cheer up, or make you feel depressed. Of course, do not listen to sad music while writing a research paper; otherwise, instead of having your essay done, you will break down in tears. Listen to classical music, especially with a vigorous temp.

Also, you can find a podcast of nature sounds on YouTube featuring the sounds of rain or thunder. Try to avoid music with words because you can find yourself singing instead of studying.

3. No social media

Nowadays, people feel like a cell-phone is an extension of their hand. The fact they always click a smartphone, which is one of the primary reasons why they cannot focus on their work.

A single "like" or a friend request can take at least 15 minutes of your productive time. To avoid such distractions, turn off your mobile phone. Otherwise, use applications restricting the usage of the Internet for a while, or try Pomodoro Technique.

4. Morning routine

At school, teachers taught students an idea that if you are tired, then exercise. If your brain doesn’t work, exercise. If you have nothing to do, just exercise. To start a day with a short 15-minute morning workout can improve well-being and the mood. Efficiency in such a case will run high. 

5. No reward, no results

Do not be too strict with yourself about studying. Never make yourself hate what you do only because you need to do it. While having short breaks on a research paper, remind yourself why you should finish it. Reward yourself with some motivational words which will cheer you up. After completing a task, students can also reward themselves with their favorite sweets. 


Remember, efficiency will not appear from nowhere. You have to put effort into making yourself a self-disciplined person. Such a complex task as a research paper should provoke only good associations. Follow these life hacks to become an efficient person able to use your time effectively.